We seek, engage, and support founders where they are.

Our relationships are forged in curiosity, conviction, and thoughtfulness. We commit to durable founders who have felt the pain of the problem they are trying to solve. We invest in early revenue, seed-stage B2B SaaS companies with strong customer signals.

Founder Support Vehicle: trail rated for the journey ahead. Founder Support Vehicle: trail rated for the journey ahead.

The time is now.

We look past the headlines and have clear conviction that the world’s greatest founders can take the first step to building an incredible company in the best or worst of times. Hard work, conviction, and creativity alongside breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence will create massive opportunities for those who refuse to be satisfied with today and choose to create a more productive tomorrow.

With our partners at we’re keeping humans at the center of AI transformation.

While ground game partners have been working with NLP, ML, and AI in our company building for over 15-years, we know when hardcore expertise is required. Our founders have instant access to one of the world’s leading AI tech-enabled services companies. 

Stellar can help you build transformative product or just think through your latest opportunity. Stellar helps startups find their competitive edge by integrating generative AI (genAI), large language models (LLMs), and machine learning (ML) as part of a rapid product development strategy.

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